Amazing generosity and an overflowing food bank collection box!

September 26th, 2015

This week, I was amazed to discover that our food bank ‘share what you can spare’ box was overflowing with food! Families have been extremely generous, donating packets, boxes and tins of food. I emailed Reverend Peverell yesterday and he kindly arranged for someone to fetch the food and deliver it to a food bank in Middlesbrough.

imageThese boys helped me to pack the food into carrier bags – we were astonished at the number of bags we needed!
The ‘share what you can spare’ box will be in the entrance of the lower school all year round. I’m saving my carrier bags for the next time it’s full!
Thank you so much to everyone who donated food. It’s lovely to know that we are able to help our wider community and that we care.