Democracy results in new captains!

September 26th, 2015

When a child joins the Roseberry family, they automatically become a member of a Team Points team. We have four teams, each named after one of Captain Cook’s ships: Adventure, Endeavour, Discovery and Resolution. At the start of every school year, children vote for their Team Captains. Everyone has a vote and the children with the most votes are appointed as captains for the year. Each team has two Team Captains who encourage their teams to try hard, work together, use good manners and care for one another. Each week, the team points are counted and the results are announced during our Friday celebration assembly. The team with the most team points is awarded an extra five minutes of playtime and their Team Captains deliver a victory speech to the school. I wonder which team will win next week?!
Here are our super Team Captains for 2015-16. They look very excited!

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