Our amazing School Council!

June 20th, 2017

Recently, following Felicity’s visit to the School Council to talk about raising money for children less fortunate than ourselves, our School Council decided that they would like to raise money for the children of Roseberry School in India. They decided that they’d like to hold a pyjama day, where children would pay £1 to come to school in their pyjamas!

They decided that they would need to advertise the event and that an assembly would be a great way to communicate their ideas to the whole school.

They set to work thinking about how they could make their assembly interesting.

Magda went home and wrote a fabulous script to show the difference between the lives of children in India compared with children in Great Ayton. The School Council met during break times and Magda directed her play. James was really caring when he jumped up onto the stage to help Molly read her script. The children worked together and supported one another without a grown up to guide them – it was lovely to watch!

Some members of the School Council decided to create a brilliant PowerPoint presentation, using the information and letters that Helen Jones shared with them when she visited to talk to them about the children in India. They practised presenting their slides each break time until they felt ready to perform.

Today, our amazing School Council delivered their assembly to the whole school. They did a brilliant job and now everyone in our school family understands the reason for our Friday pyjama day!

I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful and creative School Council. Well done, folks. I feel really proud of you!

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