Helping children to stay safe online

March 24th, 2017

On Wednesday, we thought about staying safe online. It’s really important that grown ups help children to stay safe and so we were delighted to see parents and grandparents at our E-Safety awareness event after school.  Thank you to everyone who came along and to Alan Mackenzie for delivering many important messages in such an engaging way!

Alan’s website is full of useful information. You can find this at:

e-Safety Training, Support and Advice

Celebrating great practice through enquiry

March 24th, 2017

Being part of the Enquire Learning Trust is like being part of a big family. We work with professionals from across the Trust to share practice that enhances learning and, ultimately, impacts positively upon our children. One of the many benefits of belonging to our Trust is that we are challenged. Our practice, both at leadership level and in classrooms, is scrutinised and discussed on a regular basis. Our successes are celebrated and shared and we are given opportunities to demonstrate the improvements we have made that make a difference to our children. Three times a year, an Enquiry Walk takes place. This is where professionals from within the Trust, including Executive Directors, Principals, Vice Principals and teachers from other Enquire Learning Trust academies delve into the detail of our work. Throughout the course of a day, they visit all classes, speak with children and look at children’s work. They discuss the strategic development of all areas of the school and hold leaders to account. Although this sounds daunting, it is a hugely positive experience – it validates our work, enabling us to celebrate what we do well and take time to reflect upon practice. On Tuesday, we invited five Trust professionals into school and were delighted with their feedback. They recognised the hard work that has led to our children being fabulous learners. They were amazed at the learning dispositions of our children and the fact that they are able to use the support within their learning environment to get themselves ‘unstuck’. They were delighted to see how well children collaborate, helping one another with their learning. They were also impressed with how adults ensure that learning environments and activities are purposeful and aid learning. Our learning walls reflect current learning, offering children scaffolds and aids for when they are unsure or need additional support, as well as being used to showcase excellent examples of work. All in all, the Enquiry Walk was hugely successful and the hard work of adults and children alike was recognised. Thank you to our Roseberry family.

Together we: Enjoy Believe Achieve Inspiring Lifelong Learning!

Welcome back Yazdan!

March 10th, 2017

There was a great deal of excitement in assembly this morning as we welcomed Yazdan back into our Roseberry family.  He spoke passionately about how he has always loved singing and performing and that he has followed his dreams.  He talked about his experiences on ‘Let it Shine’ and how close he is to the other band members in ‘Five to Five’ although he said it didn’t feel real yet.

IMG 1659 from Andrea Charlton on Vimeo.


He is excited about the next stage in his amazing journey as he is due back in London on Monday to begin rehearsals for the new musical ‘The Band’.

I am not sure who was more giddy, the children or the staff!!

Everyone in the Roseberry family wishes Yazdan all the luck in the world!  There is a very bright future awaiting him!!


Everyone goes the extra mile at Roseberry!

March 4th, 2017

This week, during a visit to our school, a Department for Education officer praised our school for the way in which we provide stimulating and meaningful learning environments that aid children’s learning. He was impressed with the learning dispositions of children and that the work that we do is based upon educational research. Everyone’s a learner at Roseberry! Thank you to my fabulous staff for their hard work!