Let’s keep our children safe online

February 10th, 2017

North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board is active in promoting E-Safety. Recently it has been brought to their attention that there has been E-Safety incidents involving primary age children from North Yorkshire and neighbouring authorities. Whilst incidents did not take place during school time they have brought this matter to my attention so that I may raise awareness with our staff and parents.

The incidents have highlighted a number of safeguarding issues raised recently about apps on mobile devices including Live.ly, ooVoo, and music.ly amongst others. These apps are supposed to only be able to access contacts on the user’s phones, but it appears that unknown individuals are able to join group chats. Therefore, these apps are not safe for children to use as there is a significant risk of inappropriate contact by unknown individuals.

The advice for parents is to ensure that their children do not have access to such apps on their phones and to check that all appropriate privacy settings are switched on, to make sure that children are protected when using any internet site. If a child experiences or expresses concerns about online activity, it should be reported to the police using 101 and/or https://ceop.police.uk/ceopreporting/

Wherever possible, a screen shot or a mobile phone picture of the concern should be taken for reporting purposes.

If you want to learn more about how to keep your children safe online, come along to our E-Safety parents’ information evening on 22nd March – more information will be coming home soon!

We’re having fun at playtime!

February 3rd, 2017

A few weeks ago, a parent mentioned that her daughter and her friends were bored on the playground as, unless they wished to play football, they felt there was not much else to do. I spoke to the children about what they would like to play with and then Miss Charlton kindly searched through catalogues and ordered new play equipment. This was funded through our School Fund, which we have due to the commission raised through the purchase of school photographs and various charitable donations received throughout the year. It has been lovely to see the children playing with our new skipping ropes, giant Snakes and Ladders game and Four in a Row. What really pleased me was the fact that some of our oldest children asked if they could give up their break time to engage the younger children in play. They wanted to supervise the Snakes and Ladders game and show children how to skip with a long rope. From a simple conversation with a parent has come a new playtime experience for many!


We’ve adopted a Scottish Wildcat!

February 3rd, 2017

Today, Heather Devey visited us and was very excited to announce that Scottish Wildcat Action has agreed we can use the money we raised last year to adopt a Wildcat! This means that we will have a plaque with our school name on it outside the Scottish Wildcat enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo and receive a magazine all about wildlife during the year.

Wildcats are an endangered species. This means that they need to be protected as it is thought that there may only be 400 left in the whole world, making them more rare than the Siberian tiger!

What can you find out about Scottish Wildcats?