Great expectations, whatever the time of day!

January 27th, 2017

This week, Mrs Davies carried out a scrutiny of children’s books in her role as Literacy Leader. We were both delighted with what she saw! Teachers take time to offer constructive feedback to children, linked to their Steps to Success (a list of things children need to include in their work to succeed). They set tasks in blue pen to help children make further progress and children respond to these, also using blue pen. There is also evidence of children using red pens to edit their own work. This makes it really easy for us to see that they are able to correct mistakes and that they know how to make their writing better. What’s really great is that the high standard of writing in children’s Literacy books is also reflected in their topic and Science books. Children work as hard during the afternoon as they do in the morning. They take great pride in their work and are able to transfer their skills to other subjects—brilliant!


Changes to Year Six homework

January 20th, 2017

As a staff, we constantly review our practice and reflect upon what is or isn’t going well. We have noted that in our efforts to raise standards,   more homework than usual has been set in recent months for Year Six children. We believe that the balance between learning at home and having free time is important and so, with this in mind, have reviewed current practice regarding homework provision and expectation. We want what is best for our children – for them to achieve whilst being happy and confident – and it is for this reason that changes are afoot. We thank you for your ongoing support.

Safeguarding our children – what should you do if you have concerns about a child?

January 13th, 2017

We all have a duty to protect children – it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they are safe from harm. If ever you have concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child, please be assured that you will be listened to and taken seriously. Our staff are all trained in Safeguarding and me and Mrs Stanley access in depth training, as we are the Safeguarding Officer and Deputy Safeguarding Officer for our school. Remember – if you’re concerned, speak out!

A cold wind will blow…and we shall have snow…

January 13th, 2017

As parts of our country have faced snow this week, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you of what happens if we have heavy snow here. We will always try to keep the school open but sometimes, health and safety dictates that we close. For example, access to school may be too poor for emergency vehicles to reach us (the local council will not clear Roseberry Crescent), staff: pupil ratios may be affected by staff being stranded at home or the heating system may have failed. In the unlikely event that our school has to remain closed, you will be informed via text as soon as a decision has been made (please ensure we have your most recent number on file!) and local radio stations will be informed. Please ensure your child comes appropriately dressed, as we adapt our learning experiences to make the most of the snow and children will be outdoors during the day!


Proud to be a member of the Roseberry family!

January 13th, 2017

As I popped into classes this week, I was struck by how calm our learning environment is. Children and adults learn together happily and there is a sense of purpose within each classroom. Children are enthusiastic about their learning and focused upon the tasks they have been set. Children know what is expected of them and rise to the challenges offered to them each day. They are confident to edit their own work and know that making mistakes helps them to learn. Once again, I felt proud to be the Principal of such an amazing school family.

Happy New Year!

January 13th, 2017


Welcome back, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very happy, prosperous, New Year. It’s been lovely to come back to school and see the Roseberry family learning and playing together once more. I wonder what delights 2017 will bring?!