An amazing job done by our School Council for Children in Need!

November 18th, 2016

Our School Council is AMAZING! The children have worked really hard as a team to organise an afternoon of activities for our team point teams to raise money for Children in Need. They met in my room to plan…


…and came up with brilliant ideas! They organised and ran the following activities:

dance-in-a-spot-for-pudsey Dance in a spot!

getting-ready-for-the-run-to-a-spot-gameRace to the spot!

pennies-on-pudseyPennies on Pudsey!

spotathon-sportathonSpotathon sportathon!

I am very proud of our School Council for making this event a great success. They worked collaboratively, listened to one another, planned, solved problems and had the confidence to lead the rest of the school. You really are brilliant, folks! I’m going to let Pudsey know how special you are!

Three cheers for Roseberry!

November 11th, 2016

On Tuesday, we had a visit from a Department for Education adviser. He came to see for himself what life is like at Roseberry and what great learning looks like in each classroom. He visited every class, spoke to subject leaders and senior leaders, met with Governors and members of the Enquire Learning Trust central team and questioned children about their learning. He looked carefully at children’s books and the way in which teachers and teaching assistants give feedback to help children to make progress. He considered our learning environment and how we use learning walls to help children to become independent and help themselves to get ‘unstuck’. He also looked at how senior leaders plan for the strategic development of the school and how changes to the curriculum and assessment process have been managed.

We were delighted to receive extremely positive feedback at the end of the day and that the Keystones for Learning that we have all strived to ensure run throughout the school were evident in every area of school. I would like to offer heartfelt thanks and congratulations to every member of the Roseberry family who work so hard day in, day out to make our school the fabulous place it is!


Read all about it! Reading bug strikes at Roseberry Academy!

November 9th, 2016

This morning, I was met with an amazing sight as I walked into our new library. Excited children were rushing to find the new books that we have recently bought, thanks to RAFT’s generous donation of £2000 and our Scholastic Book Fair commission. They were recommending books, reading the blurb on the back of each book and chattering to each other about what they were going to read. Then…silence. Children settled down on beanbags and comfy chairs to read…silence…reading…more silence…

As staff walked through the library, I saw their faces light up. The result of their combined hard work to improve our library (including choosing books that would interest boys in particular) was clear to see. When children asked if they could come in to read before school every day from now on, I knew that our efforts to promote reading in school had been successful!  Thank you to the adults in school who worked their socks off for our children – again! Thanks also to the Enquire Learning Trust who has also recognised our efforts and pledged funding to support us in purchasing new furniture, fixtures and fittings to make our library even better than it is already!

In a recent newsletter, I asked whether we could make Roseberry Academy into Roseberry ‘Reading’ Academy. What do you think the answer should be?

img_0016 img_0020 img_0025 img_0030 img_0032

The arrival of our Artful Place

November 2nd, 2016


At the heart of the work of Enquire Learning Trust is the goal for all children to achieve and there is great investment in staff training and looking into school improvement research. Last year, during one of our leadership meetings, Principals were introduced to a Headteacher who had set up an art therapy base for vulnerable children. This got me thinking about how we meet the needs of our children who sometimes need a little extra emotional support. Children are sometimes vulnerable for a number of reasons: changes in their home life, their own or family members’ illness, bereavement and friendship difficulties. Some children feel jangled inside and don’t know why or how to express themselves. I came back to school enthused and started to speak to staff about the possibility of having our own ‘Artful Place’. Mr Murton used his design skills to start sketching what the place may look like and Miss MacDonald and I started sourcing funding for the project. Lesley Lund, our family mentor attended drawing for talking training with Miss MacDonald and the project began…
After much planning and funding from a joint project with Stokesley Secondary School, along with generous donations from the Brunton Charitable Trust and local resident, Dr Home, the time came to make our plans a reality.
This week, our Artful Place arrived and we certainly weren’t disappointed! It looks like a huge summer house and is located on the school field, near the trees, overlooking our beautiful outdoor surroundings. Once in the Artful Place, children who may feel a little wobbly and in need of time and space to process their feelings or just get away from normal life for a while will work with our Family Mentor, Lesley Lund. Unless children are relaxed and happy, they cannot learn and so, through the Artful Place, we will help our children to be at peace with themselves through practical and creative activities, using a range of natural materials to produce something they may feel proud of.
Thank you to our generous donators, Mr Murton and Miss MacDonald for their creative foresight, Lesley for the work that she will carry out and Mrs Hore for sweeping up the mud after the builders had left!