Teamwork at Dunns River Falls

January 30th, 2016

imageToday, we travelled a long way to Dunns River Falls. This is a huge waterfall that people love to climb. We went with Mrs Peters, Mr Peters and Mrs Gray and carried out a team building exercise, climbing the falls without a tour guide. It was brilliant! We had to work together and help one another. Mr Moore took the lead and planned our route, trying to avoid the slippery rocks. We all held hands and sometimes had to pull each other up. Mr Moore, however, misheard me when I said I was stuck. He thought I said ‘Pull me up’ and pulled my hands so hard that I lost my footing and landed on my knees in fast flowing water, unable to find somewhere to put my feet and helpless with laughter! He did apologise, but I’ll remember…!
We had a great day with our new, extended, school family and were sad to leave them at the end of the day.
Tomorrow is our last day. Mrs Clarke and Mrs Russell are going to pick us up early and show us some more sights before taking us to the airport for our long flight back to Gatwick airport.
We have learned so much during this visit and have worked with teachers to share best practice and talk about children’s learning and the type of education we want for our children. We share the same values, hopes and dreams for our children and will continue to work together into the future.
I can’t wait to see my Roseberry family and share our experiences and photographs with children and adults alike.
Have a lovely weekend. I’ll see you all on Tuesday!

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