Busy, busy, busy – and Mr Moore saw a pig in the street!

January 30th, 2016

imageimageYesterday started with a 7.30am pick up from our hotel. We took the long drive from Port Royal to Kingston looking at the sea, the factories, street sellers and Pelicans hoping to catch a fish or two!
Upon our arrival, we were given clipboards with paper headed with the names of the teams that children belong to. Every week, children meet in their house teams to recite a Bible verse and their team motto and sing a song. Senior members of the staff mark them out of ten for each event and then mark them on how they walk around school. They must walk in single file up the stairs, with their hands behind their backs. Some of the children are only three and we were very impressed by their confidence, passion and enthusiasm. We gave the winning team and runners up erasers that had been donated by RAFT (they were erasers with the old FORS motto). The children were delighted, as they have to provide their own equipment for school.
We were then given two minutes to catch our breath and grab a bottle of water before boarding a bus with lots of very excited children. We were going to the zoo! The journey started with a prayer, asking God to keep us safe and thanking Him for the driver. We travelled for about twenty minutes before reaching the zoo. The children were very excited! One thing Mr Moore and I were really shocked at was the attention to health and safety compared with places to visit in the UK. There were large trailing electricity cables in the children’s picnic area and a broken light switch with bare wires exposed. We were worried about this and so tried to steer children away from the hazard! We saw lots of animals, including a very lazy lion, a cheeky monkey and loud, squawking birds!
After this super experience, Mrs Clarke collected us and took us to visit a private prep school to see what private educational settings are like. The school was very different to St Joseph’s. The building was much better, there were more resources and much smaller class sizes. This is because parents pay for this education. I felt quite sad for Mrs Clarke, seeing how well off the private schools are when St Joseph’s struggle financially.
Lunch consisted of jerk chicken, breadfruit and bulla bread. The food here has been amazing and this was no exception!
Following our very busy morning and early afternoon, Mrs Clarke and teacher, Mrs Gray, took us to see Emancipation Park, Devon House (where we had scrummy ice cream) and uptown Kingston, which was much more posh, and more expensive, than downtown Kingston. We visited a shop, where we took time to buy some gifts for our loved ones at home.
We returned to school where we were collected by our wonderful taxi driver and minder, Jimmy, who took us back to our hotel. On the way back, Mr Moore couldn’t believe his eyes – there was the largest pig he had ever seen, standing in a side street!
What a way to end yet another very eventful day!

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