Another very busy day!

January 28th, 2016




imageToday, we were picked up from our hotel at 7.30am and taken to school. There, we visited the children before being taken to the local primary school to meet the children and their teachers. The school has approximately 1200 children and typical class sizes are 45 children with one teacher! The classes we visited were in one huge room with large boards dividing it into classrooms. Children have to provide their own books and pencils, as the school doesn’t have enough money to buy them.
After our visit, we returned to St Joseph’s to Skype our Roseberry family. Hearing the children sing ‘Roseberry can do it’ made me go all tingly! It was so lovely to see everyone and share some of our experiences, including showing a Jamaican apple, which looks like a pear, smells of spring flowers and tastes divine!
Following our Skype session, Mr Moore and I taught a class all about what it’s like to be a child in a school in England. We taught them some traditional songs, introduced them to Stan and gave out stickers and erasers. The children were delighted!
After a scrumptious lunch of curry goat, we were taken to the Blue Mountains, where we were given a tour. To get there, we drove up a very bendy and winding road. We ate sugar cane and banana crisps as we watched the trees and plants passing by. After about an hour of climbing higher and higher we reached Holywell. The view was stunning!
When we came back down the mountain, we visited a soldiers’ training ground and talked to one of the soldiers about the history of the buildings, which were built in the mountains by British soldiers in the 1800s. We were then taken on a tour of parts of the island we had not seen before and tried patties and cocoa bread for tea. They were lovely!
We finally returned home at 9pm, tired and ready for bed.
We have had a lovely day and are grateful for the hospitality, generosity and friendship shown to us by our extended Roseberry family.
Take care, everyone. I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

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