What a proud Principal!

January 22nd, 2016

Yesterday Miss Harmar, Mr Moore and our Chair of Governors, Dr Roth, accompanied me on a school walk. We visited every classroom, looking at learning environments, teaching and learning, children’s learning behaviours and their work. We were delighted to see that our recent focus upon the presentation of children’s work has had an impact. There was a marked difference in children’s handwriting from when the last walk was conducted in October.
After we had visited every classroom, we discussed what we had seen and posed questions for adults in school to reflect upon.
Here is our list of the many strengths we saw:

•There is evidence of adult intervention on children’s work and feedback is relevant
•The design of learning environments has had a positive impact upon learning
•Children are actively self assessing their work
•There is effective deployment of high quality TAs who are able to intervene appropriately and use questions effectively to move learning forwards
•Expectations are high and clearly communicated to all children
•There is high quality questioning and a focus upon use of ambitious vocabulary
•There are progressive learning environments throughout the school which are calm, focused and safe
•There is evidence of clear, rapid, improvement in presentation in books throughout the school since the last School Walk in October
•Learning environments promote collaborative learning, engagement, success and pride in children’s achievements and learning
•Learning walls are related to prior and current learning and act as scaffolds
•There is clear evidence of real time feedback and children acting upon this. Children edit their own and each other’s work
•There is a wide range of resources and scaffolds throughout the school
•Relationships between children and staff, children and children, staff and staff are extremely positive
•Lessons are engaging and transitions from class to group learning encourage an almost palpable ‘buzz’ of learning – this is well timed and impacts upon engagement, enthusiasm and learning
•Positive, outstanding, learning behaviours were seen throughout the school. Children listen, work collaboratively and accept feedback – they understand the purpose of feedback in enabling them to make progress and there is evidence of them acting upon feedback

It’s no wonder that I drove home feeling very proud, indeed! Roseberry really is a fantastic place to learn and grow. Thank you, everyone!

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