St Nicholas

December 14th, 2015

6th December is the Feast of St Nicholas so, in Y5/6 Godly Play, we looked at his story. It was certainly a hot topic for us to practise our debating skills – taking turns to share our opinions and listening
respectfully. We discussed how we give presents to one another at Christmas and some children were keen to point out that not everyone can afford loads of presents and food at Christmas and we wondered how we could make it more fair. We also spoke about how busy Santa must be on Christmas Eve!
Not only did we think about the origins of Santa, we also considered what it was like to live in St Nicholas’ time – around 300AD. We thought about how the Romans converted to Christianity and how the faith
was spread around the world. We wondered if people chose to be Christian or whether they were forced; we thought about what happens in the world today. We agreed that Britain is a place where people can have a faith of their choice or no faith – and we can live alongside each other regardless of that choice.
It’s great to be British!

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