Spreading the love of the Roseberry family!

October 22nd, 2015

This morning, I was overwhelmed by the amount of family members who came into school to be part of our Harvest celebration. We had so many people in the hall, we ran out of chairs! It was lovely to see the Roseberry family coming together for this very special event.
Our lower entrance hall was filled with beautiful flowers, donated by families for the children to deliver to members of our wider community – people who may feel sad, lonely, poorly, or in need of a smile.
I have already received messages of thanks from people who received flowers today. They stated that the flowers and smiling children had made their day!
How lovely that we thought of others today and spread the love of the Roseberry family beyond our school gates.
Well done to everyone who made our Harvest celebration so special. I shall drive home with a very large grin this evening!

Children inspiring one another!

October 19th, 2015

Our motto is Enjoy Believe Achieve, Inspiring Lifelong Learning. I was delighted last week to hear that one of our Year One children had been so inspired by the homework project of a Key Stage Two child that he had decided to make a lego fairground wheel of his own! He worked happily on his model, committed to making it work. He tackled challenges as they came along and stated that he had to have his breakfast in his bedroom, as he was so engrossed in building his model that he didn’t want to leave it!
This little boy enjoyed building his wheel and sharing it with others. He believed he could produce a model as good as one of his older peers and delighted in his achievement. He was inspired by a member of the Roseberry family. He really did show our motto in action – Enjoy Believe, Achieve, Inspiring Lifelong Learning. Well done!
Inspired!What an amazing wheel!

Disco dough!

October 9th, 2015

This morning, I popped into EYFS to see Mrs Hall and was greeted by some very excited children who stated that they had just had a dough disco. I asked them what this was and they allowed me to join in – it was brilliant! First, I was given a ball of sweet smelling dough. Next, some funky music was played through the computer. Then, Mrs Barker called instructions and we rolled and manipulated our dough in time with the music. It was great fun and warmed my finger muscles up nicely to enable me to type this blog very quickly! Thanks for letting me join in, children. It was a lovely start to my day!

Kindness is priceless

October 6th, 2015

We always encourage children to be kind and thoughtful and are proud that members of the Roseberry family care for one another. Last week, I saw a great example of this. During breakfast club, Ted sneezed a massive sneeze! His older brother, Jack, saw that Ted was in need of assistance and ran to his book bag. He pulled out a clean tissue and gave it to Ted, helping him to blow his nose. Well done, Jack. You helped Ted because you care for him and not because you were asked to do so. What a super big brother!