Amazing generosity and an overflowing food bank collection box!

September 26th, 2015

This week, I was amazed to discover that our food bank ‘share what you can spare’ box was overflowing with food! Families have been extremely generous, donating packets, boxes and tins of food. I emailed Reverend Peverell yesterday and he kindly arranged for someone to fetch the food and deliver it to a food bank in Middlesbrough.

imageThese boys helped me to pack the food into carrier bags – we were astonished at the number of bags we needed!
The ‘share what you can spare’ box will be in the entrance of the lower school all year round. I’m saving my carrier bags for the next time it’s full!
Thank you so much to everyone who donated food. It’s lovely to know that we are able to help our wider community and that we care.

Democracy results in new captains!

September 26th, 2015

When a child joins the Roseberry family, they automatically become a member of a Team Points team. We have four teams, each named after one of Captain Cook’s ships: Adventure, Endeavour, Discovery and Resolution. At the start of every school year, children vote for their Team Captains. Everyone has a vote and the children with the most votes are appointed as captains for the year. Each team has two Team Captains who encourage their teams to try hard, work together, use good manners and care for one another. Each week, the team points are counted and the results are announced during our Friday celebration assembly. The team with the most team points is awarded an extra five minutes of playtime and their Team Captains deliver a victory speech to the school. I wonder which team will win next week?!
Here are our super Team Captains for 2015-16. They look very excited!

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All settled and happy – a great transition!

September 18th, 2015

I am delighted at how quickly children have settled into their new classes. When I walk around school, I see happy children who are confident to learn in their new environments. This is because adults in school work hard to ensure that transition is a planned process and not a one-off event. For example, the Year One classroom has been designed specifically with transition from EYFS in mind. There are key areas in the classroom, just as the children have been used to, and they still learn through practical experiences. Although there are some tables and chairs, the design of the room isn’t ‘formal’ yet. Year One is a transient year and the environment and curriculum will change and grow with the children. One of the many strengths of our school is that we are reflective and constantly change our practice to meet the needs of all of our children. Transition isn’t scary at Roseberry!

A super first week!

September 11th, 2015

I have had a lovely week and have left school smiling every day! This is because I feel immensely proud of our children and staff. Everyone has worked extremely hard this week and been thoughtful and caring. I have been talking to Lois, William and Magda today. William said he enjoyed seeing his friends again this week. Lois said her favourite part of the week was seeing children receive their Pupil of the Week certificates whilst Magda said she loves her brand new classroom and teacher! What a week!

Welcome to the start of a new school year!

September 9th, 2015

Welcome back after what I hope was a busy, yet refreshing, summer break!
We would like to offer a very warm welcome to many new children who have joined our Roseberry family, along with Y1 teacher, Miss Harmar, Y3 teacher, Mrs Lake, and Y3/4 Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisory Assistant, Ms Smith. We also welcome teacher training student, Mrs Donnelly, into Y5/6.
We hope you all settle quickly and make lots of new friends!
As always, we will offer a range of after school clubs throughout the school year. Daisy Chain and Mark Cromack will be starting their sports clubs next week (letters have been sent out) and clubs run by staff will begin very soon and will be advertised on next week’s newsletter. Our new school choir club will begin next Monday lunchtime for children from Year Three to Year Six and we will be busy preparing for our Harvest Festival with songs and drama.
We shall be continuing with Friday afternoon Golden Time, in order to reward children for good and thoughtful behaviour. Children who behave well and hand in their homework throughout the week will have the opportunity to choose to take part in a range of quality enrichment activities.
Once again, we are looking forward to an action packed year, with children learning through fun. If you want to know what’s coming up, our diary dates for this school year may be found on our website, You can also see what children have been learning each week by visiting their class blogs. Please feel free to comment upon these – the children get very excited when they receive feedback from blog visitors!
On Monday 21st September, you are warmly invited to attend our Open Afternoon, which will start at 1.15pm with an address from me, followed by guided tours of our fabulous school so that you may see learning in action. If you’re busy during the day, tours will also take place after school, with a closing address from me at 6.30pm. Please let friends and family who may be considering applying for a place for their child at Roseberry for September 2016 know that they are more than welcome to come along to see why we are so proud of Roseberry Academy!
Here’s to a happy and successful term – it’s great to be back!
Mrs Channing 